Sonoma County Chapter

The Sonoma County chapter of Science Heads has just started operations in 2023. We will have booths at many local events this year. These will feature hands-on science, educational material, art projects, and take-home packages for all ages. All for free (but donations welcome!)

Upcoming Events

Recent Events

Guerneville Night Market - September 22nd, 2023

At the September 2023 Night Market in Guerneville - strings of lights shine over the walking bridge

We returned to the Guerneville Night Market, and this time we looked at the Moon! It was a bright and beautiful first-quarter moon, which made the craters stand out through the binoculars or the telescope we had set up.

Our hands-on activity was making your own moon craters. We had a tub of ordinary flour and a range of “impactors” so that everyone could try their hand at cratering.

We will be back for the next night market on the bridge when it is scheduled. Stay tuned!

Friends of Fife Creek Fin-Raiser - June 25th

Science Heads Sonoma County was at the Friends of Fife Creek’s Fin-Raiser event.

Here is what we had at our booth:

  • Hands On: Grow Snap Peas, Dirt Battery, Cleaning Water, Soil Erosion
  • Crafts: Bee Finger Puppet, Leaf Rubbing, Nature Suncatchers, Chromatography Flowers, Sun Prints
  • Take Home: Photosynthesis on a Geranium, Citizen Science for Kids, Insect Hotel

This was a really fun event, and for a good cause!

Guerneville Night Market - May 12th, 2023

Our very first chapter event was at the Guerneville Night Market. We had a great time showing passers-by the sun, through our specialized solar telescope. We were able to see several sunspots, and the texture of the sun’s surface.

Our take-home package was a make-it-yourself flip book, animating images of a solar flare from November 2000.

Our art project was a Sun Facts fan, which you can download and print from here.

We will be back for the next night market on the bridge when it is scheduled. Stay tuned!