Science for Students and the Public

On-Site Astronomy Events – hosted at schools, libraries, museums, city parks, etc.  At these day time or night time events, the Science Heads Mobile Observatory is used to teach students and the public about our Universe.  During the day our specialized Hydrogen alpha solar telescope shows dramatic views on the Sun rarely seen by non-astronomers.  And at night our large computerized telescopes show amazing views of the planets, distant nebulas, and unique regions of our galaxy and beyond.  School events can be aligned with NGSS lesson plans.

On-Line Star Parties – hour long interactive discussions about interesting concepts in astronomy.   All that is needed is an internet connection and participants can view live images from telescopes, learn about unique astronomical objects from experts and ask questions.  These events are appropriate for children and adults of all ages. Click to view recordings of previous star parties.

Kids Story Time – on-line reading sessions of some of our favorite children’s books.  Appropriate for ages 4 and up.  Parents are welcome to join with their children.  

Virtual Astronomy Night for Schools – invite your students and parents to a fun and educational evening about space.  The program typically runs 2 hours with multiple activities and presentations for the students to choose.   The topics and activities can be tailored for the grades involved and the lesson plans being taught.  

Chat with a NASA Solar System Ambassadorpersonalized 30-minute informal chats for students of all grades.  NASA trained volunteers chat with parents and children about many different astronomy and space related topics, help with school projects, and explore on-line resources to learn more.

High Altitude Research Program – a project-based learning (PBL) program in which Middle and High School students can apply what they have learned about scientific methodology, physics, chemistry, atmospheric and climate science, technology, and computer programming and participate in a real-world research project.Du

In-Person Informal Education Programs

School Astronomy and Science Nights- Science Heads offers over 80 hands-on STEM activities for students in grades 3 – 8 for use at school and PTA/PTO organized events.

Mobile Observatory – the Explorer 1 astronomical observatory offers a professional astronomer-like experience for schools, museums, and municipalities.  Advanced computer-controlled telescopes for both day time and night time use offer breath taking views of the Sun, planets, nebulas, and many other astronomical objects. Read Kiwanis International magazine article: Stargazers – KIWANIS MAGAZINE


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