HAB6 – High Altitude Balloon Launch

On February 20th, 2021, Science Heads successfully launched and recovered it’s seventh high altitude balloon carrying student experiments. These launches are an integral part of our High Altitude Research Project (HARP) for STEM education.

These HAB6 corporate sponsors and supporters made this effort possible: South Orange Amateur Radio Association (SOARA), Praxair Inc. (Linde AG), Kiwanis Club of Mission Viejo, and the PAPA System.

Below are pictures and video from the launch and recovery.

Pre-Launch Preparations

Two payload boxes carried experiments for the HAB6 launch. These experiments included seeds that were exposed to various conditions, two physical forces experiments, a LoRa communications and a APRS/4G communication experiments.

Launch Pictures

On the morning of the launch, the LOPS (Launch Operations) Team was tasked with assembling the HAB train, launching, and documenting the launch of the HAB. Video was captured from both the air (using drones) and the ground.

Flight Progress Pictures

HAB6 flew to an altitude of 109,297 feet (20.7 miles) and traveled 134 miles. The flight took 2 hours. The entire flight was live streamed from assembly to recovery.

Landing Video

HAB6 landed just east of Joshua Tree National Park in Riverside County.

Recovery Pictures

The RCOM (Recovery and Communications) Team was tasked with locating and recovering the payload boxes so the experiments could be returned to the students.

This Science Heads program would not be possible without the help of over a dozen individuals. Thank you all for your efforts and support of the Science Heads HARP program.

Science Heads Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to support STEM education and raise science literacy.