Chat with a NASA Solar System Ambassador

NASA Solar System Ambassador Program

Would your children like to chat with a NASA trained volunteer? Parents can now schedule private on-line video sessions for their children with a NASA Solar System Ambassador to ask questions about space and science. The sessions are free and require an internet connection and a computer. Parental supervision is also required during the session.

Meet your local NASA Solar System Ambassadors:

Ruth Kurisu, (Laguna Niguel, CA) – BS Chemistry, MBA, award winning pastel artist

Michal Peri, (Irvine, CA) – Ph.D. Astronomy and mother of two daughters

Cheyenne Smith, (Tulsa, OK) – BA Communications, entrepreneur, astronomer

Richard Stember, (Lake Forest, CA) – BS Chemistry, entrepreneur, non-profit community leader

Send us an email with your name(s), age(s), time zone and when you would like your personalized session

April 7, 2020

… The boys absolutely love talking to you and would love to talk to you again! 

Chat with a NASA Solar System Ambassador
April 2, 2020

We absolutely adored it! … kids said that for each answer you gave, they wanted to ask 10 more questions. We’ll check the links you gave us, and we’ll definitely love to chat with you again! Thank you so much for giving us such an informative, educational and fun time.