Southern California Chapter

Activities Offered

Mobile Observatory – day and night -time astronomy viewing.  Specialized solar telescopes are used for viewing prominences, plages, and sun spots. A 12 – 14 inch computerized telescope is used for night time objects including planets, moons, and distant nebulas.  remotely controlled telescopes on the Canary Islands and in Chile are employed when weather makes local viewing impossible.

Walk Thru the Solar System Exhibit – a mobile immersive educational stroll through our solar system.  This 10′ x 20′ exhibit is designed to support NGSS topics for grades 1 – 8. It includes relatively sized models of the planets, moon, and asteroids; hands-on activities for comparing gravity on different bodies, sounds from Mars, videos about the formation of the solar system and more.

High Altitude Research Project – designed to offer students in grades 8 – 12 the opportunity to design, build, and carry out their own science experiments.  The balloons typically ascend to 100,000 feet – where the conditions are similar to that on the surface of Mars – over a 2-hour flight.

DNA Extraction Activity – Presentation followed by a hands-on extraction of DNA from strawberries, This activity is appropriate for school aged children and adults and offer the opportunity to learn about DNA and its role in science & medicine. 

Paper Rocketry – a fun and educational activity for children of all ages.  Kids build and launch a paper rocket while learning how aerodynamic shapes affect a rocket’s performance.

Solar System Ambassador presentations -These are official NASA sponsored presentations about space exploration and are appropriate for school aged children and adults.  The 1-hour long talks cover various NASA topics including recent and upcoming planetary missions.  They are offered at schools, libraries, public venues, and museums.

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