HAB5 Launch and Recovery

On November 21st, 2020, Science Heads launched its sixth high altitude balloon (HAB5) carrying student experiments. In the payload were eight (8) experiments; six (6) of which are being conducted by local Middle School students. Many Science Heads volunteers helped during all of phases of this effort. We extend our sincere thank you to those who worked to ensure the success of HAB5.

Below are pictures documenting some of that effort.

Data that was collected during the flight and a video of the launch, flight and recovery is posted here.

Pre-Launch Assembly – Experiments and payload boxes being prepared for launch.

Pre-Launch Flight Predictions

Launch – Perfect conditions for a launch.

Panoramic of the launch site. A special thank you to the Trabuco Canyon Flyers Club for allowing us to use their airfield.

Recovery – One box was easy to recover. The other – not so much. The experiment payload box landed on a golf course in Rancho Mirage and was retrieved on the day of the launch. The RCOM Chase teams located the communications payload box in a remote area near the border with Joshua Tree National Park. A drone was used to spot it’s exact location followed by a half day of hiking and we were able to retrieve the second box.

Post Launch – After the payload boxes were retrieved the seeds for the student’s experiments were repackaged and delivered to the students. Now its up to the students to plant the seeds and observe how the spinach plants grow to determine if the seeds were affected by high levels of UV light, very low temperature and low atmospheric pressure.


Unfortunately we lost two (2) GoPro cameras upon landing so no video of the flight itself is available. But we hope to raise the money needed to replace those cameras for our next launch.

The next launch, HAB6, is scheduled on February 20th, 2021. Your support and donations are essential to help us inspire students and promote STEM education in the local schools. Please make a donation today. Donations are typically tax deductible.

Thank you for your support..

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