Science Heads’ High Altitude Balloon STEM Program

Science Heads’ High Altitude Balloon STEM Program

The Science Heads HAB / STEM program inspires students to apply what they have learned in school and design scientific experiments to be carried to the “edge of space.”

On November 9th and 25th, Science Heads successfully launched it’s fourth and fifth High Altitude Balloons. The payloads carried experiments designed by local Middle School and High School students to altitudes of 15 and 20 miles respectively. Both payloads were successfully recovered and the experiments were returned to the students for data analysis.

Our next launch, HAB5, is scheduled to take place on April 18th, 2020. Again students will be invited to submit proposals for experiments.

Learn more about how Science Heads Inc. supports STEM education in the local schools with its exciting HAB / STEM program:

3 min short video
Full flight 360 VR video (2 hrs). Drag with your mouse in all directions to change perspective.